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PA Jobs

The commonwealth offers employment opportunities in over 2,000 job classifications, all of which fit into two broad categories: non-civil service or civil service. 

Non-civil service jobs are filled by the Bureau of State Employment in the Office of Administration and civil service jobs are filled by the State Civil Service Commission.

Non-Civil Service

While most state agencies have a mix of both non-civil service and civil service jobs, the Departments of General Services, Agriculture, Military and Veterans Affairs, Community and Economic Development, Revenue, and Transportation employ primarily non-civil service employees. 

Select management positions, skilled trades, and entry level positions are non-civil service.  Some examples include clerk typists, diesel mechanics, highway maintenance workers, security officers, and seasonal tax clerks.

To be considered for non-civil service positions, you must use this Web site to submit an application—along with information about your work history and education—to the Office of Administration. 

Civil Service

At other agencies—such as the Departments of Aging, Banking, Conservation and Natural Resources, Corrections, Education, Environmental Protection, Health, Human Services, Insurance, Labor and Industry, Probation and Parole, State and the Liquor Control Board—nearly all positions are civil service. 

Technical and professional positions in occupational fields such as nursing, accounting, auditing, engineering, information technology, budgeting, human services, and human resources are civil service positions.  This is true even when these jobs are located in agencies where the majority of positions are non-civil service.

To be considered for civil service positions, visit the State Civil Service Commission’s Web site to apply.

Jobs in Both Categories

Some positions, such as those in the administrative and clerical fields, can be either non-civil service or civil service, largely depending on which state agency the position is assigned to.  Regardless of whether a position is non-civil service or civil service, it’s important to note that the salary, benefits, and union coverage (when applicable) are the same for all positions in that classification.

To increase your likelihood of commonwealth employment, you are strongly encouraged to submit applications to both the Office of Administration and the State Civil Service Commission.